My early morning Thursday Thoughts are thoughts about the weekend–a “bookish weekend.” Yesterday ahead of a predicted storm, I cleaned out my Little Free Library and brought all the books inside. In the wee, sleepless hours of this morning, I sorted the books into piles: those that haven’t been “out there” long and deserve “another go”, and those which haven’t “moved” in some time. The latter I divided into adult, YA, and children’s piles. I will put the “give them another go” books back into my my LFL and add, over the next few days, my “attention grabbers–” stuffed toys bought for 99 cents or less at Goodwill. Yesterday afternoon, I washed and fluffed them in the dryer. (Now somebody tell me how to teach my LFL patrons to take the books as well as the toys!)

Today I have errands to run, but most of the day will be spent baking cookies and gathering books for my Book Giveaway at the local public library Saturday. A year or so ago, I received multiple titles or even classroom sets of books being discarded by a local elementary school. I boxed and stored these books, hoping to meet some teachers who could use them. Some went to the Methodist Church’s Mother’s Day Out, others I divvied up between the three little free libraries I contribute to here in town, and others I simply carried in my car, so when I saw a kid, I could offer a book (or several) to him/her. I still have up to a dozen or more copies of Toad and Frog series books, Clifford the Big Red Dog series, multiple copies of books by children’s authors, etc. The time has come to let them all go.

I reserved the conference room at my town’s public library and am having a “Celebration of Everything Bookish” from one until three that afternoon, which will include a book-giveaway. There will be sign up sheets for three local book clubs, maybe a funny video playing from Reading Rainbow based on a kid’s book I have 20 copies of, and free bookmarks provided by the library. If we have room, we will have a station for kids to make bookmarks, and all this will be accompanied by homemade cookies and small bottles of water. It promises to be a fun afternoon. I just hope someone attends.


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